Monday, July 29, 2013

Workout Life Review

I bet you guys had dream about to own a nice body before, at least once a life to everyone. So do I. 

I really can't remember how many years ago that I promise myself to train and get my dream body SOON. But it didn't work well. *ashamed*   

 2012's me

2013's me
It's still the same body shape. Haiz..

Not because i didn't workout, just not constantly enough. But from now onward, I will do the workout constantly. That's why I post it out. To remind me that what I have to achieve. =)

"If I don't have a good powerful body, how can I protect you in future?" - My quote always push me so far. :D

I had tried workout at True Fitness, Fitness First and Celebrity Fitness. Hence, my following post will briefly compare True Fitness vs Fitness First vs Celebrity Fitness. 

Branches location

Fitness First has 13 branches in Malaysia and 100s all over the world. 

Celebrity Fitness has 14 branches in Malaysia. 

True Fitness only has 5 in Malaysia. 

Well, no competition here. Fitness First won the point. 

Fitness First - 2 / Celebrity Fitness - 1 / True Fitness - 0

Member fees

Fitness First definitely is the most expensive compare with Celebrity Fitness and True Fitness. 

Last I heard Fitness first charges the passport membership as RM185, True Fitness charges RM180, Celebrity Fitness charges RM175.  

However, the charges are very depend on how good the relationship do you have in the fitness network. My friend can even get free for workout at Celebrity Fitness. 

Fitness First - 0 / Celebrity Fitness - 2 / True Fitness - 1


Well, there're almost the same situation during the peak hours. 

True Fitness is known to owned many equipment. So this round goes to True Fitness. And I found Celebrity Fitness had less facilities such as swimming pool, steam room and etc are limited compared to Fitness First. Hence, Fitness First is slightly better than Celebrity Fitness. 

Fitness First - 1 / Celebrity Fitness - 0 / True Fitness - 2

Staff Service

True Fitness staffs are pretending that they 'care' about you, but eventually they don't actual care who you are. I used to be there for 1 month trial. But eventually they stop my trial after 1 week because they save my data as 1 week trial even though my summit 1 month trial document to them. HOW CARELESS they are.   

Fitness First and Celebrity Fitness staffs are quite friendly I would like to say. But you will feel 'ma fan' if you forget to bring Fitness First  membership card, because they'll require to fill out annoying data form for confirmation. In Celebrity, all you need to do is provide your mobile number for confirmation. Much more convenience! 

Fitness First - 1 / Celebrity Fitness - 2 / True Fitness - 0

Form above comparison, Celebrity Fitness wins 5, Fitness First gains 4, and True Fitness is 3. 

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