Saturday, May 25, 2013

Crystal Hill 水晶山 (Tabur Hill) @ Melawati

Previously, my instant thought was always about Broga Hill whenever we talk about hill hiking. But now we have the new target. Bukit Tabur which located at Taman Melawati, Wangsa Maju, also as well known as Crystal Hill. Why? Because it is a magnificent limestone ridge. Possibly the longest crystal quartz outcrop in the world. In order to differentiate, it was separated into East Hill and West Hill. This time, we take West Hill as our challenge.

Initially thought to enjoy a short break for food and tea time at any flat hillside, but we didn't. Because one of our experienced friend not encourage us to do so and suggest have a lightweight equipment since the hill is slope badly. Well, this is my first time to be there, I was entirely no idea what to do, so the right choice is act on authentic advice. Nervous to the MAX!!

We reached 7.45am, considerable late as many people came earlier than us.

We never mention anything about the difficult trail at all. Until I see many caution remarks (Jesus Love you, 回头是岸) in dangerous path. *LOL*. Imagine just a slightly mistake or slip, you will be rolling down all the way down the hill, may be have to say good bye to the world. @@‘’ Life always easily fragile!

Required a lot of stamina and energy to climb up and down.

This is the place that we plan to have our break time in next hike.

Crystal Hill in one the most amazing and unique places a climber can visit in Malaysia. The scenery is beautiful, the rock is unique.

You can take the splendid love shape lake view if you stand on right hill. This is the most i can take.

Eventually, all of us were exhausted, especially when we hiking down. Now I really enjoy the delight of standing on flat ground. =P 

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