Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What A Guy Wants

Wherever you go, whenever it is, that’s something that we always crave for, it’s FRIEND! As most people dislike lonely feel.

What kind of friend do you look forward for? People who could spend most time with you? Just a rich people enough? Well, different personality and different preferences. Needless to say, I will not know how people think. Let’s leave it and talk about mine.

Sound ridiculous, but is happening. I was having the problem of relationship management. I seem like been boycott from the group of good friends who are closest for many many years. Initially thought we will be the best friend forever since we know each other such a long long time. But people change while time pass, relationship is fragile easily as glass. Time and relationship always cannot be directly proportional. Do you ever feel? Whatever you talk, whatever you do, seem like wrong, gonna make them feel uncomfortable. Apparently, it’s me at this MOMENT!

Do you ever experience that you had car problem when you friends just opposite the road where you were. But they just throw off ‘Now the traffic is extremely congested, we can’t go there, you wait for the help from your family since you said they are coming!’ and drive away. Needless to say, I was very disappointed what they did. The story will never end like these. Night of the same day, I received a call for drink from the same friends once I settled my car and I agreed. Why join them for drink? Because it’s such a good idea at that moment I would say. I really need to decompress from the negative emotions I had since I was stuck at there for 3 hours long due to the silly reason. What an unexpected, I intend to meet them for tea time but eventually become their driver who sits there to wait them finish work from 8pm to 1am and drive them back without any TEA SESSION. WTF!! How IDIOT!! Why I have to wait so long? Because they ask me to meet them immediately without any inform me about the damn long wait and keep convince me to wait for the tea session after work. If not, definitely I will drive back home IMMEDIATELY!!

There’s nothing right or wrong on the world. But people always judge by number game. Most people dislike me, which means there’s something wrong with me. HahaHaiz. Speechless!

I’m only human. I have feeling, I make mistakes, I have unpleasant side, I am NOT perfect. I’m so tired of living under the pressure like that. Every time I try my best, it still seem like it’s not good enough for. Why do you guys have concentrate on my pettifogging little shortcomings instead of appreciating me for how much I’ve already try. I’m weary and despondent. Yes, the world is tough. Especially when someone you used to be so close, betrays you, talk shit behind your back.

Move on, keep track on your life because you might miss something precious if you're drowning over the past. 

In the times like these, a quote with my 38 friend always motivated me,
A true friend will never ever leave you alone, whenever and wherever!’ - (Well, I named it as 38 quotes)
That 38 friend told me the same things too. You know? I’m so glad to hear that.

Someone asked me that how could I willing to sacrifices so much for them who just a friend. I answered it is worth if they are true friend. It’s precious of my life, I treasure, believe, and will never leave them behind! What do you think? 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

#Day 2 ANIMAX Carnival Malaysia 2014 @ Mid Valley

Other than Comic Fiesta which we went for December 2013, ANIMAX Carnival is another big anime event happening over the years for all anime and manga fans. The name has tell it all, ANIMAX Carnival Malaysia 2014 is an ACG event hosted by Animax. It was organize at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre on 29th & 30th March 2014 from 10am to 9pm.

I had intended to attend the event for both days, but was prevented by the bad weather on Saturday when I driving back from Singapore. HOW UNFORTUNATE!

Day 2, I attended the event together with 3 pretties, Leona, Momo and Ai Ling. We reached Mid Valley around 12pm. Wao, was a bit surprising I would say. Because the crowd of cosplayer were more than expected.

As normal ACG event will do, ANIMAX Carnival also full of activities such as cosplay competition, games and lot of merchandise stores in the exhibition hall. That's what my initially schedule plan for the day. However, I changed my mind after see the insanely long queue around the center court before get the number and the queue was getting longer every minute. After that you still have to wait until your number was called. Estimated 3 hours to be wait. Ahhh..the long wait! So that, I surrendered for it. HAHA XD

Except the activities inside the hall, I thought still can enjoy the great atmosphere outside the hall with other cosplayers, but...I was wrong. Because I underestimate how desperate those people wanted to take photo with pretties. OMGosh! Leona and Momo never get bored once we reach there. People keep asking to take photo with them. We don't even have time to walk around. Well, in this occasion, I automatic become their 'Du Manager', take care of them, such as stop photograph and bring them to side while they feel tired, or serve them a beverage while they feel thirsty.  

Time gone so fast due to the crazy photo shooting. Day become night and the event was going to the end.  Here is the only photos that I taken. 

Nice pose, Leona XD

Ai Ling and her friend. 

With Momo Yee. This is the funny part of the day. Waiting there is too bored for me, thus I decided to act as normal unknown people to ask take photo with her. *Being pinched. HAHA. 

Will never get free even they were sitting.

Last photo of the day with Leona at Sunway Pyramid after ANIMAX Carnival. 
I found that cosplay not that easy as I think. May be I should take a chance to cos with them next time. Still not have no idea what character to be cos. :P

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Friday, March 14, 2014

The moment we treasure

Midnight post strike! I've been feeling a bit emotional recently. There is because I finally decided move to Singapore and fight my career there after a long long meditation.

Needless to say, there are many people I want to meet, many food wish to eat before the day comes. Time is short to me right now, it really make me feel like every single day also the last day for me. No, not a bad thing at all, I was actually feel glad for it.

Never have I felt this way before. I feel extremely fortunate for the existence of certain people in my life at the moment. People always don't realize what's they have until it disappears. Yea, same to me right now. How stupid am I! X( Spend every single day with friends, not to watch drama, reading, or play game at home. That's precisely what I plan to do.

Spent 3 consecutive days with new bestie, Leona to many place for shopping, dining, and...dancing. Even though I don't have the talent of dance. It's really embarrassing, but very funny at the same time. MUAHAHA. Really enjoyed, and it's a moment gonna keep in my heart for the rest of my life.

Just like the song of "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing' wrote 'Every moment I spent with you is a moment I treasure.'

Alright, I hope I don't appear to be flaunting. It's not love express, it's my way of showing appreciation and gratitude. The lesser time we own, the more we treasure.

I gonna miss you all very much. Take care!