Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mellben Seafood 龙海鲜螃蟹王 @ Ang Mo Kio, Singapore

Last weekend, I went to Singapore for something. Of course! I won't miss this chance to visit my crony who work at Singapore, Alicia Lau.

Never get bored cam-whore with Alicia. :D

Kinda regret that I didn't plan how to spend my Singapore trip after meet up. I was just worried on how are we going to meet each other. Big mistake!! Hopefully next time I will plan something for it.

Honestly, our plan came quite last minute. We decided dine at Mellben seafood, which is the most famous seafood restaurant located in Ang Mo Kio. 

We discovered the Mellben Seafood hype on social media, just like any kiasu people would do. According to the reviews from internet, Mellben Seafood start the business on 4.30pm, but at the same time, people will start the long queue too. So we have to be there as early as possible to avoid long queue disappointment.

Headed off to Mellben Seafood after shopping at ION Orchard. 

We ordered a Frog Leg with Dried Chili. Both of us never try live frog before. Haha..there is always the first time. Well, it's not bad. Just think too much on how it look like. :P

The main star dish of the day, Claypot Crab Bee Hon Soup (can found in the list of Special Recommendation) at SGD55.00. This is the smallest crab that we can get from the menu, but it still big enough. The broth was incredibly milky and irresistible. *yummy*

Omgosh! It's REALLY really big! 

After finish XD

About 20 mins after the opening hours, seats were almost filled, and the queue was NEVER ending the entire time we were there. I'm flabbergasted. So, it's advisable to go early or be prepared to stand in long queue. 

Thank you so much my bestie for treat me this meal as belated birthday meal, even though my birthday was on Feb. :P 

I had such a great day with you. Truly blessed to have you in my life!

Mellben Seafood 龙海鲜螃蟹王
Block 232,
Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3
Opening hours: 4.30pm - 11.30pm
Tel: 62856762

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