Sunday, October 20, 2013

Adidas King Of The Road (KOTR) Malaysia 2013

We always watch Running Man in screen. But how about your real life? Are you one of the Running Man as well? This time round, I immersed myself into race. I signed up for 16.8km category in Adidas King Of The Road (KOTR) Malaysia 2013 on July 2013.

At first, I planned to have at least a practice once a week. But I didn't do it well. Practices become less and less, what is more, I never even achieve the distance more than 6km. And now, the event has come. Well, I was little worried then. What I can do is self hypnosis about "I can make it!" x N times.

Yup, belief conquer everything. (+_+!!)  (Picture credit: Google images)

Yesterday (Saturday, October 19), I headed to Blue Zone in Sunway Pyramid  to collect the race kits.

Here my Bib No. "A2905".

A tinge of regret I should say. I woke up at 4.30am while I still in the serious sleepy mode. I'm wondering myself that why I made a decision which was suffering myself. *sleepy*

It's always advisable to reach the venue as early as most of the roads leading to Sunway Pyramid were blocked. Can you imagine the happening in Sunway Pyramid at 6am? There is crowded than expected, and they're looking energetic and excited, how amazing! Of course! According to the official announcement, this event had 11, 000 participants, here just a little part of them. *exciting*

The 16.8km category was flagged off on 6.45am. (Picture credit: The Star images)

Kinda difficult to run on NPE (New Pantai Expressway), because there's few uphill and downhill slopes that we have to conquer. Unavoidable, my coffin joint was freaking pained very fast. Not matter how pain is it, the only thing in my mind is "KEEP FORWARD".

Eventually, all of us finished it! Photo taking with with Vic and Alex. Did you notice that we wear different color Adidas running vest?'s because we collect it in different day.

We had been given a banana and 500ml mineral after the race. There is beverage sponsor (Milo, 100 plus) right at the corner and having long queue. However, I would not like to take it since I'm exhausted.

Anyway, the finisher medal was awesome. Muackss.

I am king of the road!! Teehee..

The e-cert was issued approximately a month later. Check it at the provided link .

Eventually, I'm so glad I signed up for this race. It was my first time race and it is awesome! When is the next race? I haven't make decision yet. But it's coming soon. See you there.

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