Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Lost Out

I didn't really have the mood to blog. I've been thinking about this post, I don’t know if I should blog about it or shouldn't. 16th Dec 2013, I lost my girl in indeed.

She’s not my girlfriend, but we play in 38 and takes care each other all the times. Every moment that I spend with her is a moment I treasure.

Many stories since the day we met. Your hand was scalded, you bite me while I driving, I drive so far to find you because you fear to stay alone in the house, unveil the truth that I can’t drink since that night I get drunk in house, crazy Christmas party…

May be I will meet another perfect girl in future, but who know about this. I just sure that, at this moment, this is the girl that I want.

Apparently, I felt very depressed. Everything in my life turn to struggle, I feel like giving up, but I can’t… No matter how hard my life gets, life keep goes on.

We still the best friends who will keep in touch until now. However, every time I meet her, my heart was pain to the max. *breathless* I really have no idea how far can I continue. Remember what I told you before? Whoever leave you behind aren't the real friend in your life. I think… I might be one of them who choose for ‘love’ instead of ‘friend’.

No matter how, I’m so glad to receive a Christmas present from you. Thank you and Merry Christmas!  

Finally did my hardest blog post. Now, a deep breath... 

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