Sunday, November 11, 2012

MAGGI TV Ads in 2012 - ''我的MAGGI欢乐时间''

Yes, this is my freelancer job, Art Department in shooting group. Most of the people always envy the people who live in entertainment circle. It does happen to me also. However, I just want to say, it is fuckin' busy! Due to the working days, I always wake up around 5 a.m early in the morning and get back home around 9 p.m. something. *busy**tired* Despite the torment of work, I did enjoy the challenge and fun that it bring to me :)

Just to show you some photos we taken in working hours.

Behind the scenes

Pretty Caryn & Handsome Jentzen
Yee & Caryn
Haha…What’s Jenzten wants to show us? XD
Our Crews
3.2..1....ACTION! :P
Above are the food that hosts treat us as lunch. Genuinely, I am very great to hosts for the cordial hospitality they accorded us. It's really yummy.
So, are you really to unravel your gastronomic fantasy? ;)

I wish to elaborate more, but very unfortunately I can’t follow the full shooting days with them due to some silly reason. But I spent a fabulous time with you guys. See you guys next time . :)

Below are the video that I found from YouTube. Enjoy your video time! :)

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