Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Party Rock on Christmas Eve @ Esnoka House, Subang

Hey peeps, Christmas is here! Are you ready to follow me and Alicia to the X'mas world? Get you Santa hat ready!

Honestly our Chiristmas Eve plan come quite last minute, we decided to go with Esnoka's plan which is having nice party @ her house. Each of us have to prepare a gift for gift exchange session. 

Initially I thought it just a small party for our gangs as gathering, I never expect it was a house party which invited many friends and neighbours.

When arrived there, we try so hard to find our friends from throng until Esnoka's brother come to ask who was we looking for? Of course, I don't know who is he at that moment, but I so great if someone can help me. Have to say sorry to Esnoka that I had been forget your Chinese name and spent quite few seconds to recall since we used to call you Esnoka or 'Big Head' instead of Shu Hui. :P

Me and lovely 38 friends, Alicia. She is another girl with nickname as 'Big Head' too. So 2 'Big Head' were hang together on party! XD Just now she asked me why I can't remember Esnoka's name? HOW SHAME of it!!

How crazy the party? Let's the video do the talking then. ;)

TIME FOR GIFT EXCHANGE. This time do it by picking names. As usual, anyone who got their own name have to re-pick the names until no one their own name. Luckily we stopped on the 3rd round, everyone got different names and here is it: 

Alicia get Boon's
I get Esnoka's.

Now that Christmas is over, we are ready to embrace 2013. 

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