Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Party 21 Event @ Genting

The Party 21 Event is a very exclusive annual party which only available for invited guests above 21 years old of Genting world Card's member. A couple of weeks ago, I received invitation mail of Party21 from Genting. We get to join the fun. ;D *Tempting and exciting to the max*

Party21 comes with a complimentary room at First World Hotel. Hence, throw off your worries about drive down after party and switch up the atmosphere there. Teehee.

A photo was taken right before the entrance.

We were given a chance for lucky draw by liking WorldCard Facebook Page next the small photo booth. Unfortunately, I’m the only one who awarded Genting point meanwhile my entire friends awarded free hotel. Damn it! I should do blessing before I draw it!

We were given 3 complimentary drinks card each person from registration counter. Of course we need it. XD

21 Event separate into outdoor and indoor area. Indoor area was performed by band and dancer and outdoor was hosted by prerry DJ the entire night. 

Let's start the party! 

Overall it was a very happening event I would like to say. But I was wondering why the organizer set the rule of prohibit alcohol drink at at outdoor area. DJ plays music but listener without alcohol drink just like no meat allowed in Bak Gut Teh restaurant. No sense right? This is worst part for me. 

Anyhow, we still have the good ending with enjoyed one night complimentary after event. XD

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