Thursday, February 21, 2013

Loong's Farewell at MyBurgerLab @ Seapark & Horoscope @ SetiaWalk

Hey Guys! Happy Chinese New Year! I hope you've fully enjoyed the past whole week! I've been so busy for travelling, eating, receiving my Ang Pao, and...gambling! XD

In one day time, Loong will be leaving to Beijing for his studies. So we had a little farewell gathering last night.

Firstly, we had a little dinner at MyBurgerLab which located in Seapark. Previously, my friends told me repeatedly how delicious is it. I finally have a chance to pay a visit to the burger shop and see myself how awesome is it.

MyBurgerLab Menu.

There is a memory board where you can share your MyBurgerLab moments by pinning photos, notes, or moneys.

The shop was full as expected and a long queue as we go in the shop. 50 more orders before us. Waited approximately half an hour.

All of us order burgers with sets, fries and drinks are included. *Drinks can be refilled.* You won't regret spending a few extra dollar on the add-on! As you can see, it's black in color. All the burgers here come with charcoal bun,but there's no charcoal flavor in the bun, so no worries.

The popular A+ (Chicken)

Beef Hangover. 

And this is mine, Chic & Egg delemma. Very tasty I would say, especially the sauce. It was yummy!

Headed off to Horoscope at Puchong Setia Walk for the second round after dinner. At first I suggested we drink at iDarts cause we were thinking to play dart game while we drinks, but it suddenly changed to Horoscope once we reached outside SetiaWalk since they preferred try new bistro bar that they've never been. dart games gone!! LOL.

I kissed a sexy girl last night. Hahaa...Actually it just a postcard with sexy picture which Jeremy bought from Australia as souvenir for us, but we taken many "sam bat" picture with "sexy girl". XD

Another sexy souvenir.

Friends who unable to have dinner together with us came join our happy hour also. Some of them are the secondary friends that I never meet after graduated. *Surprise*

This is the first group photo we taken. Is there anyone notice someone out of the picture? Even though the photographer also didn't notice any wrong in this picture. The below picture will give you the answer.

This is the final version of group photo. The photographer missed our friend who sit left hand side in first photo. 

My best 38 friend, Alicia Lau came to join us for awhile. Looked freaking 38 in this photo? Who care? That's US! HAHAHA!

Good luck and all the best in Beijing! Don't forget to bring me some souvenir when you're back! :D

Address: No. 14, Jalan 21/22
Seapark, 46300 Petaling Jaya. 
Contact : 016-3165129
Opening Hours: Tues-Sun, 5pm - 11pm. Closed on Monday. 

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