Sunday, April 7, 2013

26th Birthday Presents

So fast, it's already April. This is my super duper belated birthday post! Finally blogging about my birthday presents! Kinda feeling guilty since I told my friends will blog about it very very soon. Well, nothing special birthday celebration this year. Just hang-out with friends. 

Birthday presents always the best part of the birthday. But buy birthday present is real pain in the ass because you not real sure what if they don't like it. Sometimes I really hope that they just tell me what they want. But if they do so, it will no more surprise already. SO IT'S RIGHT! Birthday are so complicated. BUT IN THE END, it's not about what you buy, it's all about you heart, even if a simple birthday card. 

Okay, you probably already scroll down and see what I got without reading. Hahahaa.. 

Liz bought me a sun shape essential diffuser. We used to source this item  for a long time. Still remember last time we bought similar item from Daiso with the price RM5 only. The effect better than expected. We intended to buy it more. However, it was out of stock and discontinued. Hence, you can feel how surprise to receive this birthday present because most of us know how difficult to get it.

A sex tool from Hoong and Boon, we call it bird enlargement. The name has tell it all. It use for enlarge our bird (sexual organ). Felt so pampered, oh my gosh.  I never really expect a birthday present from them so when they gave it to me I was really really happy and somehow guilty. I OWE YOU BOTH PRESENTS SO REMEMBER TO REDEEM FROM ME. I'm serious!! Well, it quite weird to receive this, but I wish it work very well. Teehee. Thank you Dude!
Pen with my personal name engraving on it. If u read my post here, I'm sure you will know this present from my baby girl, Hiromi Chung. This is the most touching gift I received this year. Why? Because Hiromi Chung never give a present to a guy. This year I bought you an Anna Sui perfume. Next year I'm gonna be super stressful what to buy for you, love you so much baby. 

That's all for my birthday present post!!!!

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