Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year Eve 2013 @ Boon's House, Seri Kembangan

How did you spend your New Year Eve? On the last night of the year, KL city was as congested as it's always been. Instead of driving ourselves nuts with the massive jam in the city where everyone gathered for countdown, we decided to have a house barbecue party at Boon's house. It's just another gathering activity for us.

I like barbecue, I love chicken wings! always been scorched. Awkward moment!

Food of the night! Frankly, we just indulged ourselves in mix and roasted all the foods that we prepared ,  but eventually it was become very delicious!*Mouthwatering*

An unexpected rain came while we were very happy in grilling, it has worsened the difficulties of BBQ. However, weather does not stop us from grilling or making BBQ. Well, a light and short rain I should say. We should check the weather report whenever the outdoors activity was confirmed in future. :P

After new year countdown, we never forget to celebrate Alex's birthday as well which is on 1st Jan. We  conceal from him this in pre-preparing. Cake is small, surprise may little, but is meaningful. 

Group photo with the guys. 

Went back to home for the after-party. Washed off the barbecue smoke and stains, then it was time for sleep.*sleepy* 

Happy New Year! It was great to have us gathered once again. Whatever it is, may we have a 'SIAO' year ahead! Teehee.

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