Thursday, January 10, 2013

Alicia’s 19th Birthday @ Plan B, Publika

If you haven’t been to Publika, you should take a time to visit there. It is an artsy mall located at Solaris Dutamas. I was enjoying the delights of this artistic ambiance there. I didn't shopping at here though, since most items sell with the price above average, which is targeted at the affluent residents in this area. 

The main reason I visit Publika is for the food. This time, Alicia and I spent a fabulous night at Plan B, an artistic restaurant at Publika for her birthday celebration. 

Celebrated Alicia’s birthday at Plan B.

They put their collection of typewriter at the storefront. The concept is just simply and cozy.

My lovely birthday friend, Alicia Lau ^^

Slow cooked lamb spaghitte with tender and juicy lamb. (RM24) *Yummy*

She ordered her all-time favorite, Braise Chicken with turkey bread (RM40)
*I just wondering it's normal rendang chicken with expensive price. :P

A birthday Strawberry Cheesecake

Since it’s her birthday post, there’s gonna be plenty of her photos. But will choose the best about her and no repetitive.  ;D

LOL...Look at her! "38 po". XD

STRAWBERRY is mine! Hehee..

Polaroid photos, most of which turned out bad cause “the photographer” (ME) didn't aim properly. However, it’s doesn't matter, still looked great. :)

Alicia's happy 19 year old signing off.  

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